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Jinasena Training and Rehabilitation Trust was initially known as JINASENA TSUNAMI REHABILITATION TRUST. It was established in early 2005, by the Directors of Jinasena Group to provide post Tsunami relief in the Western and Eastern Provinces.After completing the Tsunami related Rehabilitation work, in 2007, the mandate of the trust was changed to enable to undertake the following;

Differently abled is the limitation of a person’s ability to carry out the activities of daily living due to physical and mental impediments. This effects their education as they tend to get shut out of the normal learning streams. We use technology to make it easier for these people to integrate into society through specially developed software and the provision of purpose built learning laboratories. Visually impaired University students face tremendous obstacles in the pursuit of their studies, JTRT in recognizing these difficulties has donated special laboratories that makes it easier for these students to follow the same course that their sighted fellow students follow.


Rural Reawakening and Rejuvenation Project

Rural Reawakening and Rejuvenation project has mainly two facets:
 livelihood development and elevation of quality of life through Natural Farming and related agricultural development.


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 enhance the consciousness of the villagers to achieve cohesion, understanding, and balancing life through training programs targeted towards school students, teachers, and parents.


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"Suwa Udana" - hela Veda Gedara, Alayapattuwa, Anuradhapura

Revamping of "Suwa Udana" - hela veda gedara. Ayurvedic Research Institute and Training Centre - Perunkulma, Arayapattuwa, Anuradhapura. <More Details>


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Water Supply System Donated to Pooneryn Army Camp


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“Connect a School – Connect a Community Project” - TRC Project 

The main objective of the project is to narrow the digital divide between rural and urban areas and provide digital opportunities to their communities, specially focusing on visually and aurally impaired children.JTRT has developed the following software and installed at more than 130 special schools & institutes.

Braille English to Sinhala dictionary. (A dictionary that provides assistance to search entries in Braille)

Translation software for Sinhala/Tamil & English Language Braille to text to visually impaired.

Braille English to Sinhala Language, and Mathematics teaching software for aurally impaired students.

Sinhala level 1 and 2, Mathematics level 1 and Lip reading Sinhala level 3.

Math’s Games Software.


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Paiyagala Computer Centre for Visually and Aurally Impaired

Setting up a new computer laboratory for visually & aurally impaired students & setting up a satellite learning facility which is run by the Sri Sooriyabandara Rajamanthrindarama Maha Viharaya. This provides opportunity to visually and aurally impaired children to learn not only at the centre but also from the convenience of their homes.


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University of Colombo Project (Computer Lab for the Visually Impaired)

JTRT opened the Second C. Jinasena Memorial Computer Lab for the Visually Impaired Students at the University Of Colombo (UOC). A new advanced Software Suit and special computer equipment were donated for the use by visually impaired students.


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Development and Distribution of JIRT Sinhala Level 4 teaching software. Preliminary planning

Learning a language is the greatest difficulty for the hearing impaired. JTRT has developed interactive software, which makes learning language easy and fun for hearing impaired children. This software helpsthem to learn nouns, adjectives, identify plural, verbs etc. Level 4 introduces writing methods to the students and will be introduced next year


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Upgrading of the Visually Impaired Computer Lab at the University of Sri Jayawardenapura

An upgrading of the computer laboratory at the University of Sri Jayawardanapura for visually & aurally impaired students were carried out and a special computer equipment and a new advanced software suit was donated.


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Braille Calendar Project

JTRT has developed two types of calendars solely for the use of the visually impaired, i.e. a Desktop Calendar and a Pocket Calendar which they could carry around. Desk and Pocket type Braille Calendars of 2017 were printed in Sinhala, Tamil and English and donated to Visually Impaired Students, Schools and Organization etc. free of charge.


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Braille Calendars





  Ahanna (Listen) project

The objective of this project is to assist the differently abled (aurally impaired) students by developing educational software, performing arts, spiritual & religious enhancement, with a view to live with the normal people without difference.


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Providing equipment and tools to schools, community development centers and Institutes of Technology

We believe that educational institutes should have the resources and facilities necessary to prepare student so that they make best use of their talents and abilities in developing themselves, their families and the country. We place particular emphasis on the development of technical skills as well as English and IT skills. We give equipment to schools located in rural areas so that they can develop their Technical Streams. We donate equipment and books to Institutes of Technology so that they can produce World Class Technicians and Technologists.


Providing Lab Equipment for Thambuththegama Central College (Technical Stream)


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Providing lab Equipment and other materials to JITI


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Providing IT lab facilities for Horizon Lanka Foundation


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Various activities focusing on business, education and social development takes place within the JTRT

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