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To teach people that we have evolved with nature, we are what our ancestors ate and experienced, this is in our DNA and our guts, by now eating completely different kinds of food including highly processed food with many synthetic additives, GMO food and agrochemical residues we are introducing to our systems many chemical and biological compounds that it cannot digest or absorb, throwing the biome into unbalance, with it chronic disease such as Cancer, Alzheimers Disease, Diabetes, Hypertension, Depression. By eating natural food we reestablish equilibrium within our systems and with it good health, vitality and long life.

To teach people that many of the modern drugs including antibiotics, steroids and hormone treatments destroys our biome and with it our long term health, they only mask the symptoms. That they should only be used as a last resort, that natural cures are much more effective long term. By learning to balance our biome we learn to eradicate many of the diseases that now reaching epidemic proportions.

To bring to the notice of people the modern studies and findings highlighting the efficacy of traditional ways of living including Yoga, Meditation, group social activities in creating happy lives. To walk in nature, to admire a sunset, to help other beings, to demonstrate loving kindness stimulates our hormones giving us the feeling of well being naturally without resorting to artificial stimuli such as alcohol, drugs, sugar which shut down the hormone receptors causing insensitive to these stimuli and the need to take larger and larger intakes and eventually to addiction.

To convince people that the energy they produce and give others comes back to them, that is the nature of the Universe, Thoughts are the forerunner of all actions, kind, considerate, loving thoughts gives one a life full of these attributes. Our minds create good health and wellbeing, on the positive side and disease and unhappiness on the negative side.

That by triggering the fight or flee response frequently in our lives we are releasing hormones such as Cortisol that serve a vital function in a life threatening situation but are harmful in everyday life as the immune system and other critical life support systems get switched off. We teach people to lead peaceful relaxed lives by teaching them to understand what is triggering them and how to overcome these triggers.

MOU Vision

Raise the Consciousness Level of people so that we create a happy, safe and sustainable World. To transform their unrelenting drive to satisfy the senses and accumulate worldly goods, that is causing so much suffering, into one of creating a just and happy world.

MOU Mission

Mankind developed in nature, was weaned in nature and is an intrinsic part of nature. Modern man is now trying to move away from nature, to exploit it and destroy it. This has brought about so much suffering and hardship as we move away from the the concept of one, both physically and psychologically. Plant life is the foundation of all life on earth, we need to reestablish our intimate connection with nature and plant life or we risk destruction through diseases and pestilence.
MOU Is dedicated to creating within people the love for nature and teaching them how to use the boundless gifts of nature to live a happy and sustainable life. The appreciation of the oneness of all phenomena in the Universe and the joy of living without discrimination and separation.


Belihuloya Forest Herbarium Reserve

Developing and maintaining 21 Acres of Herbarium Forest to conserve indigenous medicinal plants, herbal biodiversity and provided the green houses with misting system & drip hoses to control heat, moisture and shade for protect and perfect growth for nursery herb plants. More than 100 herb plants varieties are successfully established in field (Transplant from Green House). Our agricultural practice is natural farming which means using Organic fertilizer and maintains zero hazards to air, soil, water and bio diversity. Donate this herbal forest back to the society is one of our long term objective.



Mattegoda Herbarium Reserve

Mattegoda herbarium reserve fully developed with more than 350 field established herbarium garden to familiarize with rare medicinal plants and enhance knowledge about indigenous medicinal plants, Importance of biodiversity and conservation of medicinal plants, using organic fertilizer. We provide medicinal plants and natural herbs, stress release programmes for patients and participants free of charge. And also we provide valuable field visit for school children, practitioners and students of traditional medicine and how to use them.




Supporting Natural/ Organic Framing Initiatives

Conventional chemical farming destroys natural balance. We develop Natural/Organic farming technologies and experiments at our Farm in Belihuloya for implementation at Anurdhapura. Final dissemination of technology for rural impoverished, debt-ridden farmer. Our effort is to alleviate farmers dire status.






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