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SELF Training Center, Embilipitiya.


SELF mission is to direct people towards a purposeful life & to protect environment and the world at large and operate Four Training Centers at Kalutara (KTC), Embilipitiya (ETC),Belihuloya (BTC) & Anuradhapura (ATC)



Main Activities;

 Empower youth to; be target oriented, identify hidden potential & have a clear value base.

 Empower Teachers to develop youth through techniques developed by the Jinasena Culture.

 Encourage people to live a balanced and meaningful life.



Development process under SELF Training


Life Development

 Foundation for Success;
The foundation programme introduces the basics for life improvement for a purposeful life.
This programme orients participants on positive contributions to the people & society. Vision, mission & objectives along with values & inner potentials of the students will be improved to enhance the awareness at present & overcome challenges with positively correcting collective social mistakes.

 Tools for Life;
This training introduce different emerging tools for a balanced life empowering participants to exert the inner & outer potentials for a higher state of; mental alertness, emotional balance & spiritual awareness.

 “Pranaraksha Society” Programme;
This helps to develop principles & to be become cartelists in guiding others as responsible citizens protecting others, environment & society in a sustainable world. The trained personnel will demonstrate their skills to promote expected behavior which will lead to love & compassion for a better world. The trainees are enrolled in to the society which promotes practices for world’s sustainability.








Leadership Development

 Personal & leadership development;
Leadership development programme focuses on school children in teens with a view to improve leadership skills. The conceptual awareness with practical knowledge & experience is shared to make them understand their duties, responsibilities & obligations as student leaders to guide the younger generation. This has made an immense impact on students on leadership, relationships & collective approach for learning.

At Kaluthara




At Anuradhapura




At Embilipitya




At Midigama




At Belihuloya



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Teacher Development

 Strengthening the inner potentials of the teachers is important as teachers are the guide lights of children. Improved awareness among teachers on various aspects of physical, mental & social fronts would make them mindful on their duties & responsibilities. The practical tools introduced by the training will raise the teachers’ consciousness & help them stimulate a path to meaningful lives.



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Tissa Jinasena Group new Training Program Schedule for year 2016  at the Embilipitiya & Kalutara Training Centres. 


Training Program Schedule





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Various activities focusing on business, education and social development takes place within the SELF

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