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Herb gardens and indigenous medicinal plants conservation

Over reliance on prescription drugs and supplements is having a disastrous effect on the health of people, the time tested traditional cures and herbal remedies are now making a comeback. The problem faced by people is the difficulty in obtaining these herbs and knowledge about how to use them. We grow herbs in two herbal gardens and freely distribute herbs to patients. School children, practitioners & students of traditional medicine engage in field visits to familiarize themselves with the rare plants found in these gardens. We also publish and distribute books that describe medicinal herbs and their use in curing many common diseases. Vedawatte Company operates a fifty acre estate in Belihuloya, Sri Lanka promoting the growth of Herbal forests. The long term objective of the organization is to donate this Herbal forest back to the society with a mechanism that schools and universities in the area will protect and manage the Herbal forests which are disappearing fast in the current context


 Development of 50 Acre Ayurvedic Medicinal Garden at Belihuloya


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Natural Farming & Organic Farming Practices Conducted and Experimented at Blihuloya as a Research Farm




Growing and maintaining 7 Acre Herbal Garden at Mattegoda from where Herbal Medicines for given to Patients


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Field Visits by students and practitioners to study Ayurvedic garden 




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Sustainable healthy living

We are aware that current practices and trends in consumerism and consumption is seriously threatening our planet. We feel it is essential that people get used to more sustainable lifestyles and greater appreciation of nature. We carry out training that creates more awareness about these issues. Our back to nature campsite at Belihuloya gives youth an opportunity to live in close proximity to nature. Thereby developing a true love and appreciation of nature. Modern man subjected to ever increasing stress levels, we teach the ancient arts of Meditation and Yoga at our Bolgoda Center to help them to develop a healthier lifestyle.


Meditation, Yoga & Awareness Programmes at Bolgoda Center


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Activity based Training programmes at Belihuloya Center 


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We publish and distribute free of charge books that add value to people’s lives, these are in the fields of spiritual development, medicinal plants and remedies as well management and technology.


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If you are interested in visiting our Herbal Garden, please contact the below Officers;

Mr. Dissanayake - 0773 184068 

Mr. Chandrathilake - 0718 149330 


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ඔසු උයන නැරඹීම සඳහා වන අයැදුම්පත්‍රය (සිංහල)



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Vedawatta Company (Pvt.) Ltd. Activities

Various activities focusing on business, education and social development takes place within the VEDAWATTA

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Vedawatta Guest Book Comments 

These are comments by people who have visited the Vedawatta facilities to learn more about the Jinasena contribution to a sustainable world 


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